The Pigeon Siblings and Feed

Kai: These two pigeons were raised from egg in our coop. Their Mother is a pied, blue bar Belgian racer, and their Father is a white roller.
This is why the almost solid black baby came as a surprise! The genetic probably came from the roller’s grand parents.

These are the 3rd and 4th babies ever to be raised in our coop, and the first to grow up with a sibling, which has been fun to see. They do everything together, although their difference in personality definitely shows.

I am really quite happy with these two as it’s taken a bit of time to get the pigeons to successfully breed. We lost a lot of fertile eggs and babies before these beauties finally came to fruition.

Surprisingly enough, pigeons can healthily eat a much wider variety of foods than you may think – and l am not talking about city pigeons that eat a “wide variety” of people food! Pigeons can consume various seeds and grains, but will also eat some leafy vegetation, such as fancy lettuces, leafy cruciferous vegetables, and seedy fruits and veggies. Our birds have gladly eaten sorrel, squash, chickweed, melons, Figs, and autumn olive berries. They will occasionally eat insects, but they usually pass on things like earth worms.

There is a plethora of foods that are edible to pigeons, but these appear to be the more unusual favorites.
Although not proven deadly to pigeons, I would still advise against feeding bulb vegetables, sweets, cocoa, or anything with alcoholic or caffeinated remnants.

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