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Our Bielefelder Chickens

Kai: Well, it’s been quite the experience hatching our very first chickens. The first batch is a little over a month old, and all four are healthy and robust… but, we think that they ALL turned out to be roosters! They haven’t crowed yet, but their tails are starting to look roostery. They will have to move on to a new home if this is true. 😭

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Reconnecting People to Their Food

Greg Miller of Picked at Perfection just put in a new Pocket Garden at the O. J. Semmes Elementary School.

Greg does Harvest 4 Health tours of his urban farm and garden in East Hill to inspire others in the local community of Pensacola to grow their own food and live a more abundant life style. Picked at Perfection is about making the healthy choice the easy choice! Be sure to Follow Subscribe to Picked at Perfection for more content in the future!