When the pandemic hit in 2020, we saw panic buying and supply-chain issues becoming prevalent on a mass scale, and we decided that we would make an effort to try and become more self sufficient and independent of the system and powers that be.

We had in years prior started the process of gardening and growing our own food, as living in Florida comes with the danger of hurricanes and storms causing black-outs, housing damage, flooding, increase in gas prices, road traffic, etc. We had already seen how fragile systems could be, but 2020 really put into perspective the necessity of this endeavor.

Our goal is to reconnect man to the Earth, turn lawns into gardens of Eden, create environments for people to be independent of governmental systems, and learn the importance of healthy eating and natural ways of living. We don’t know everything, in fact, we’re just starting, we are learning, evolving, changing. So join us on this journey of discovery, and learn what it means to Awaken the Wild Soul within.

Beyond our interest in gardening, we are also artists and visionaries, perhaps more than anything else, as art is our original love. Check out Sacred Visions Studio to see the magic we make.


Awaken the Wild Soul is an expansive idea outside of what we are doing. This platform is a vessel to bring awareness of others whom are doing good work in this field. These are some of our close friends we’ve worked with.

  • Duane is the steward of Lunahill Pensacola Forest Garden. Coming from a systems engineering background, Duane is an inspiring individual making a difference in his community of Pensacola and the world at large by bringing awareness of topics like Food Forests, Watershed, and canopy restoration.
  • https://lunahill.us
  • 850ECO
  • 850Eco is an environmentally conscious community organization in North West Florida. 850eco has a monthly newsletter and regularly post about information, events, and projects relevant to creating a greener Pensacola. Please email 850eco@gmail.com to subscribe to their newsletter.
  • Instagram, Facebook
  • Max of the Maximize Clarity Project is a close friend working with Awaken the Wild Soul, Duane Tant, and 850eco. Together we’re documenting the good work being done by the environmental community in Pensacola FL. Besides permaculture and environmental topics Max also focuses on the artists and visionaries local to Pensacola.
  • Website, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter
  • GREG MILLER (Picked @ Perfection)
  • Greg Miller is leading by example towards creating a healthy and abundant living standard for himself and his neighborhood in Pensacola by turning his yard into an urban farm and doing weekly Harvest 4 Health garden tours. Picked@Perfection is about making the healthy choice the easy choice.
  • Website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook
  • Forest Ranch is making inspiring short films to create a change in our way of thinking, instead of Sustainable, (maintaining the status qou) Forest Ranch wants you to think in a Regenerative manner, moving forward by replenishing the planet and environment.
  • Website, YouTube, Instagram
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