Pill Bug

Pill Bugs can be useful

Kai: Roly poly bugs, or pill bugs, as they are sometimes called, are not actually a bug. They are a “fresh water” crustacean that lives on land.

Although they will eat weak or sick plants in your garden (which isn’t always a bad thing), they can also be a huge benefit. Like earth worms, pill bugs break down compost and make a reasonably similar casting to earthworms. This can be used in exactly the same way earth worm castings are used to add nutrients to your garden.
The next best thing about pill bugs is that they are pretty much edible to all of your homestead fowl. Our chickens and quail love them.
We also feed them to our turtles, and our goldfish breed off of them.
Because pill bugs are actually a crustacean and not an insect, they do not carry the same potential for parasites as would other farm-raised insects such as roaches or grass hoppers and crickets, which make them a relatively safe live food.
Because of their shells, they are high in calcium.

To propagate pill bugs, simply lay down mulch, or compostable paper bags in a damp area. The pill bugs will just start to show up. This is a good way to “trap” them in a more condensed area if you want to collect them too.
I do not know the range of pill bugs, but surely if you are in Florida, this works like a charm.
If pill bugs have been a nuisance to you, simply get your animals out there. Your animals can eat and provide pest control all at the same time.
They can truly be a resource if made practice of.

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