No more Coturnix Quail

Kai: So, despite hearing much raving about the ease and low cost of keeping coturnix quail, this has not exactly been the experience of ours.

The problems we were facing included some ailments, but there was a lot of aggression, even between females (We were using the 4 to 5 per cage ratio). We even had a cage with only 2 females in it, and they still beat each other up!
We tried to fix it with supplements, removing the more naturally aggressive roos, deworming, trying different feeds, different cages, separation, and so on.

Baby Quail

The only conclusion we came to was possibly poor genetics, but we’re not really sure.
Either way, a long story short, we have gotten out of coturnix quail keeping for now.
Perhaps we will get back to these birds when we can build a more manageable setup, and attain healthier birds.

This however does not mean we are void of quail- we are still going to attempt breeding our home-hatched button quail, and we have still kept Eggbert, the coturnix I raised from egg and healed of splay-leg.

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