Our Bielefelder Chickens

Kai: Well, it’s been quite the experience hatching our very first chickens. The first batch is a little over a month old, and all four are healthy and robust… but, we think that they ALL turned out to be roosters! They haven’t crowed yet, but their tails are starting to look roostery. They will have to move on to a new home if this is true. 😭

Luckily, we have reinforcements. Our second batch of hatching eggs, and 2 new chicks, which were guaranteed hens. How were they guaranteed hens you ask?
They are the German breed, Bielefelder, and the hens and roosters look different from each other from the moment they hatch. They are beautiful reddish chickens with barred patterns on the feathers. We called these little girls Ginger and Jasmine.

We invested in this new experience because our older hens are beginning to come out of their prime – they say to start your new round of girls when your older hens are about 2 – 3 years old.

Anyhow, happy chicken keeping everyone, and give your favorite bird a hug today.

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