New Pigeons

Kai: Earlier January I was blessed yet again, by the man who provided me with my lady pigeons. This time I was gifted 2 breeder pairs. They are blue bar racers and they are absolutely beautiful.
Thanks again so much, I love my birds!

I have always been a fan of pigeons despite their sometimes not so elegant reputation. But I think that is slowly changing. Pigeons are still heavily used in the military and for sport. There are both war heros and champion athletes in the pigeon world – an often forgotten fact, but one that can resurrect the long, complex history we share with them.

Pigeons have also been a huge part of farm life for hundreds of years. They’ve been good game bird eating for both human and animal alike (although I don’t think I could personally eat pigeon, as I love them too much!), their eggs are edible also, and they are an extremely easy resource for fertilizer.

I have only been keeping pigeons for about a year, and have only started breeding them less than a year ago. I had not released them from the coop yet because I’d been waiting to have a much more established flock before exposure to the potential dangers of the outside world (hawks, etc.), so this progression gets me closer to a new chapter.
I can’t wait to start flying them. It will take a lot of training, but a lot of it comes naturally to them as well. It will be very exciting.

These birds continued to lay and raise babies all winter, although not all of them made it, it was interesting to observe these cold weather breeders. Also shown, are our most recent hatchlings. I think these guys will come through.

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