What is this smelly Mushroom? STINKHORN!

This strange looking fungi is called a Stinkhorn mushroom, it commonly grows in sub-tropical and tropical regions. If you are a gardener than you know its favorite place to grow is in mulch. It grows so fast it can pop up in your garden overnight. As a fungus, the stinkhorn breaks down organic matter, providing nutrients to your plants. You’ll know this mushroom from the smell it produces, and a rather unpleasant smell it is! It attracts flies which help disperse its spores. There is nothing harmful about this mushroom, it is simply stinky and unpleasant. If you need to get rid of them, the best thing you can do is bury it back under the ground where it belongs. But again, there is nothing inherently wrong about this mushroom, it is in fact, regenerating the health of your soil.

Do you have Stinkhorn in your yard? Tell us how you feel about this unique mushroom below!

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