December Babies

Kai: New baby chicks!

I can’t believe it, but we had pigeons hatch yesterday. I pray these December babies do okay in the cold, but they do have excellent parents watching over them.

Our Chickens and quails seem to enjoy the cool weather. In fact, although they are small, coturnix quail can handle freezing temperatures as long as they are kept dry and out of the wind. This is actually good criteria for any coop or aviary housing birds of similar species.
In fact, most birds have far higher temperatures than mammals do. This does not make them all as cold-hardy as the next, but it is a neat fact to keep in mind, as higher internal temperatures also help them bypass a lot of illnesses that would normally affect lower-temp mammals.
Birds like tropical parrots need a little more shelter. Their health also relies on high humidity and proper food. Our Blue-crowned conure, Jack, for example, must stay inside.

Jack the Blue Crowned Conure with Pepper.

Hope you enjoy these pictures of the flock!

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