Do it yourself Parrot Toys

Kai: A sneak peek at Jack’s Christmas presents! 😆

These parrot toys I made with 100 percent bird-safe materials. They comprise of leather, wood beads dyed with natural color, magnolia branch, coconut shell, and Camelia branch.

There are a variety of many other trees and shrubs that can provide safe play things for your pets, but be sure to identify carefully.
Be sure they are not sprayed with chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and clean appropriately.
I wash branches in hot water, or spray with a pet-safe grapefruit seed extract.

Parrot-safe foliage includes magnolia, camelia, mulberry, Gardenia, Hibiscus, Blueberry, Sunflower, and autumn olive. There are far more options than just these, but these are what I’m used to, and have used for almost ten years! It’s hard to believe I’ve kept birds for that long, but I digress…

I definitely like using natural “ingredients” like this even if they are just toys that will be chewed on. Many animals can still pick up toxins or plastic parts when playing with synthetic toys. It’s not a given, but I just don’t prefer to do it anymore knowing the fact. And I have heard too many horror stories involving parrot kabobs, snuggle huts, and loose rope perches.

Jack the Blue Crowned Conure with Pepper.

Bark branches, real wood, and even rawhide toys can promote much more natural play, mental stimulation and behavior in parrots.
But of course above all, our Blue-crowned Conure, Jack, loves the texture of wood, and enjoys stripping the bark off the dry magnolia branches.
Maybe your parrot would enjoy it too?

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