Baby Chicks and Button Quail update

Kai: All four chicks have made it to 3 weeks.

We had an incident of what is called “pasty butt”, a common condition in young chicks. It is when the droppings are sticky from an upset tummy, and dry on the rump of the chick. The only thing super dangerous about this condition is if the droppings build up to the point of blocking the vent and preventing the chick from passing waste.
It is highly curable as long as it’s caught early in terms of making sure the vent does not get blocked and the chick stays hydrated. Keep the chick clean and warm.
Once the tummy upset subsides, so will the condition.

Other than that, these babies are looking very lively, and have already started mock-fighting, chasing bugs, and playing with a specific leaf in the brooder.
They’re a lot of fun to watch!

The remaining button quail are a little over 3 weeks now. There are 4 left. We lost a few to the hardships of splay-leg, and some died from improper nutrition.
We did not start out with an appropriate food for them and quickly realized our mistake. However the last four babies seem stable now. They are beginning to get their feathers in and are looking good.

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