Post Winter Freeze

How did our garden fair? (Read below)

The ice has since melted and we’ve been able to better inspect the damage in our yard. With the ponds finally defrosted, we’re happy to say that more fish survived than initially thought- some even came back from being frozen which we had no idea was even possible! 😮 There were obviously still some casualties, but we are glad most made a comeback.

We also lost a few glass items- a glass birdbath, several cutting jars and an aquarium that Kai was using for cuttings had a glass panel completely shatter when the ice began melting. There’s some kind of pressure that’s put on the glass in this process that can cause this I guess, so definitely watch any glass items you have outside when there’s freezing temperatures- it’s not a fun clean up!

As for the garden, it’s evident the more tropical species did not appreciate the cold. But in general the wind was what really took stuff out. Plants that were closer to the ground overall did better, and our green houses preserved most of what survived, as seen in the video tour.

All this said, although there were some disappointments, we also made time to play in the icy aftermath. Living in Florida our whole lives, we don’t often get to experience the cold- like some of you do, which is also why it kinda took us by surprise. Either way, we’ll bounce back in time, and continue to share the process with you all.

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