Winter Freeze

The last past few days have been challenging. The freeze wiped out most of our garden, we lost all four pigeon chicks that had hatched, we lost most of our feeder fish breeders and plants even perished inside of our greenhouse.

We were not prepared for the kind of damage 4 days of freezes was going to do, but we definitely learned some hard lessons.

We can only wait until Spring to see what will still come back from the root, but for now we can only nurture back what survived in the greenhouses.
We are grateful there was no further loss, as our chickens and breeder birds are still alive. There are also some goldfish still alive, though it’s hard to tell how many since they are still under the ice. Our trooping yellow bellied slider is still plugging away under the ice as well.
Winter is not over yet, so there’s much to improve as we move on. We will do what we can, but it looks like Spring will be a big replanting season.

There’s really nothing to do but keep moving forward. Keep going.

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