How fast they grow! Pigeon Update.

Kai: So this is the baby pigeon we posted a few weeks ago! She (Or he), is a little over 30 days old now, and is completely weaned. She’d be a roller/racer cross, Dad being the roller pigeon, and the Mom being a racer.

This fledgling I decided to name Indigo. I really think her color and pattern turned out awesome. It is always exciting to get your first baby no matter what animal you’re breeding, beginner’s excitement is hard to contain! 😄

The white baby belongs to Preacher and Frida, this baby hatched on Halloween day!

So far these are the only babies that have survived although many clutches have been layed. It’s taken a bit of time to get this right, but I also have a feeling the parent pigeons will naturally be more successful in the Spring when it’s warmer.

Pigeons usually lay eggs in clutches of 2, commonly 1 baby being male, and the other, female.

Pigeons have the fastest growth rate of any bird species known- they double in size the first 2 days after hatching.

Baby pigeons can be called chicks, but are also known as squabs.

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