Saltbush – Native Plant Spotlight Fl

Native Plant Society volunteer Duane Tant showcasing Saltbush at Bruce Beach Pensacola, a wonderful plant for attracting monarchs, and a native to Florida and the Pensacola area.

Saltbush (Baccharis halimifolia), as described from the Official UF/IFAS website: “This native woody shrub isn’t used very often in home landscapes, but it is perfectly suited to Florida gardens. In natural areas you see it in moist areas or along ponds, but it can tolerate drier sites as well, making it an excellent choice for rain gardens.
As an added bonus, saltbush is a nectar plant for butterflies including monarch (Danaus plexippus) and many other pollinators as well!”

Read more on Saltbush.

Bruce Beach in Pensacola, Florida is a remnant of Gulf Costal Habitat with beach, sea grasses, wet meadow, and upland species of plants and trees. As such it represents a community treasure of undeveloped coastline with potential for recreational and educational activities. Citizens, conservation organizations, clubs, schools, and universities are documenting the natural history of Bruce Beach and restoring the natural ecosystem.

If you would like to volunteer to help aid the native wildlife of Bruce beach, contact us and we’ll get you in touch with Duane Tant.

For more information about Bruce Beach, visit:

Find Duane:

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