What does that mean… Permaculture?

Kai: So what is permaculture all about?

Permaculture is literally to have “permanent agriculture” meaning instead of having a crop, animal, or system that has only one life cycle, you focus on what will grow and produce without intervention. It means planting a tree and leaving it be. It means building soil by layering, instead of disrupting the microbes with tilling. Sometimes it’s hard to see it this way because it takes time to establish a steady system, but for example, planting trees is far more “permanent” than planting a crop that will not self-seed itself or produce year after year.

Ideally, a permaculture animal is one that can breed and give birth without much aid. A permaculture system is one that cycles, instead of ends. And so on. It is about healthy Soil, climate specific plants, trees, and animals. It is about recycling, natural order, ecosystems, and using resources in a dignified way. It is working with the weather, the rainfall, the soil quality, and native wildlife. None of this has to be perfect to achieve a permaculture status, but I think it is what we are all shooting for to the best of our abilities. And even if our plants and animals do not thrive on their own, one can breed adaption and resilience into their stock by generational integration.

You could say that permaculture is about thinking several generations ahead, and using what we’ve already been blessed with, instead of creating problems that require man-made solutions. Nature heals itself when given the opportunity. And that is something that all people, no matter how big or small, can participate in.

Permaculture can truly be a beautiful thing!

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