Baby Quail Hatched!

Kai: We recently acquired an incubator, and began the fascinating process of hatching quail!

So, we were surprised today to hear a sudden chirping… Only to realize that the quail eggs in the incubator were hatching!
We had tried to incubate a batch of almost 30 eggs a few weeks ago, and found all of them invalid after incubation time was up. This was our first attempt at using an incubator in our entire life.

However, we tried again, and when hatch day came around, nothing happened. We assumed the eggs were once again invalid.
A little disappointed, we left the incubator running a few extra days just to be sure, and low and behold, 2 days after the presumed hatch date, 4 eggs decided to hatch after all! And there may even be more still coming. This is the first time we’ve ever watched chicks pip from an egg, and it was a very exciting moment!

If you too have just started out on a quail keeping journey, know that quail eggs are very difficult to candle due to their speckles.
Like other fowl, they are precocial, and will be up and running around, ready to find their own water and food, unlike birds that must be fed soft food by the parents.

We are very happy that our second round of eggs was a success. It will now be a matter of raising them to a stable size and strength, as chicks can still run into problems along the way. But for now, we can’t help but beam at this pleasant surprise.

Our chicks are Japanese coturnix quail, which is a species that was domesticated in Asia before being brought all over the world as meat, game, egg, and aviary birds. We have 2 types – the original “Wild” type, and the jumbo Pharaoh.

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