Keep out the Chemicals!

Kai: Our family discontinued the use of many chemical cleaners nearly ten years ago when we started keeping birds. We had always stayed away from many toxic household products, but we ditched the last few by the time I got my first parrot.

So what’s up with the bird part? Birds have one-way respiratory systems, making them extremely sensitive to certain gases and chemicals.

Aerosols, chemical cleaners, air fresheners, artificially-scented candles, wet house paint, solvents, nonstick cookware fumes, aerosolized toxins, such as sprayed pesticides, fertilizers, perfumes, herbicides, etc. All of these things can kill a bird within minutes. If you look this up among pet bird related sites, or, if you own a parrot yourself, you may know what I am talking about.

When I first heard this, it made me then question – If all of these things can kill a bird, then what is it doing to us?
We learned to live without many of these household items, though, many of them we never used to begin with.
The alternative is premade natural cleaners, homemade sprays, vinegar, baking soda, peroxide solution, and natural detergents.
We occasionally make our own citrus cleaner.
You can also make an antibacterial solution with grapeseed oil extract.

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