Gotta Love Worms

Look what overwintered in the compost pile!

Earth worms are a gardeners friend. Although there are many types of critters out there that can help compost materials for your garden, earthworms are probably some of the best because of their soil dwelling nature. They don’t munch on live plants like other decomposers do, and their tunneling behavior aids in aerating the raw materials for easier break-down.

These guys will compost items like kitchen scraps and grass clippings, but what they really tend to like is damp leaf litter, paper, and cardboard.
If you are trying to attract earthworms, lying down a sheet of brown cardboard, paper bags, or leaving your raked leaves be in an area that will get rain will definitely draw in some earthworms.
As far as we know there are 2 common types of earthworms that will self propagate under these conditions: red wigglers, and night crawlers. Not sure if either species is any different in behavior or use, but if you know of any difference, let people know in the comments below.

And again, another reminder that these worms are completely edible to your backyard and homestead fowl. Fresh water fish can eat them, and our turtles eat them as well.

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