Why do we Homestead?

Kai: So why do we homestead?

It’s strange to say, but we grew up being home-schooled before it was cool.
However, it did not prevent us from living a typical modern childhood full of television screens and video games. We ate as the average household did, and so on. This didn’t mean we didn’t have interests in animals and nature, but we just weren’t close to it as we are now. As we grew older we began to ask more questions about health, where our food comes from, and what it really means to use chemicals in and around the house. This led to the discontinued use of many products, and a huge dietary change. We began to get more interested in skills we had only dabbled in before.

And then came the reading, educational videos and classes, which led to the hard work of actually experiencing it all, entailing truck loads of mulch, planting trees, the building of coops and much more. Trial-and-error followed us, as it does for anyone, and we learned the best lessons through the experiences, rather than from the books.

Although it seemed like a less traveled road at the time, we began to meet others following the same path, and we discovered that this is a story told again and again.
And I think it’s safe to say, it is also a story of healing, connection, and discipline.

How did you start your homesteading journey?

3 thoughts on “Why do we Homestead?”

  1. I guess my homestead journey started waaaaay back when I grew up in the Appalachian mountains of Eastern KY 🙂 I’ve traveled a lot of miles since then, but have now settled in East TN, where we are homesteading… small, steady, and sometimes losing two steps for one gained. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I absolutely LOVE learning from fellow homesteaders! So nice to “meet” you!


    1. Hi Stacey, thanks so much for taking a minute to comment on our blog. 😃 Sounds like you’ve been places! We’ve been in Florida pretty much all our lives so haven’t had as much experience elsewhere, looking for a bit more local land to expand the homestead. We’re still learning and are just sharing our experience here on our blog and Instagram. So it’s nice to meet you too! 🙂

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      1. Well, it looks like you have a wonderful start, and sharing is so important these days 🙂 Nice to meet you too! I’ll look you up on Insta!


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