Homesteading in Winter

What is our homestead like in the Winter?
Winter is Mother Nature’s vacation. Many plants and animals slow down and rest after the productive Spring and long hot Summer.

Many of our tropical plants must be overwintered in the greenhouse.
Annuals drop their seed (or we collect them), and trees get pruned for next Spring. Trimmings are then used as cuttings, which can simply be put in a glass of water.

Greenery may defoliate, and many producers stop bearing fruit.
This then calls for planting Winter-hardy vegetation, such as cruciferous vegetables, herbs, and lettuces.

Insects, reptiles, and amphibians go to sleep for the Winter. Many wild birds migrate.
Animals stop breeding and some also go into hibernation.
Our fish and water turtle even stop eating as part of their stasis.
Some laying breeds of fowl seize egg production at this time if not provided artificial lights. We do not, so this means quail season is over for now.

For those still awake – they must be carefully provided for, and fed well. Our birds handle the cold, but Winter is a season we like to be sure everyone is extra healthy.

Overall, the buzzing of nature seems to soften, suddenly there’s not so much work to do…
Sometimes it’s kind of nice…
But other times you kind of wish it was Spring again…😆

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