Homesteading is more than you think

Kai: When one hears the term “homesteading”, they might think of farm animals and rows of crops. But it is much more than just growing food and raising livestock. Homesteading includes everything that comes with it. We’ve met some homesteaders that could be considered serious business men, but also talented craftsmen.

Homesteading can be anything from animal husbandry, keepers, trainers, and coop builders. Homesteading is the planting, raising, propagation, and selling of trees, plants, and seeds.
Canning, food preparation, preservation, butchering, and cooking are all homesteading skills.
Building houses, both for human or animal, making crafts such as baskets, clothing, furniture, bedding, bags, or shoes.
The list is really quite endless, so don’t forget how many skills it amounts to.

What are your favorite homesteading “chores”?

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