Roselle Tea

Arianna: It is Roselle harvest time!

For 2 years in a row we’ve had a pretty good harvest of roselle hibiscus, as you can see in the photos. While we will eat them fresh, one of my favorite uses for the Cranberry flavored calyxes is using them dried for tea. This year I made an iced tea with them, and the color was just amazing. (I imagine you can probably use them for a natural dye, my fingers were deep Pink after pulling apart the calyxes).

The cold tea was good, but I also use them in my hot teas, they add a fruity flavor that helps to balance herbs I find to be stronger and less palatable. It is also a good winter tea addition because it’s full of vitamin-C, and I think it’s color and flavor can lighten some of that winter drear.
I recommend growing roselle for tea purposes if you like rosehips. They taste similar, they are easy to grow, you save money and get the satisfaction of a productive harvest, and will probably even have some to share with your fellow tea drinkers.

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