Do you know where your Food comes from?

It is a sad truth that many of us do not truly know where healthy food comes from.

Many of us resort to fast food and prepackaged dinners that have already been processed and prepared. We are lucky to go to the grocery store and be able to buy and add a whole orange or apple to our lunch bag and know that it is an organic fruit.

We have heard unfortunate stories of people living in “food deserts” whom have never seen a fresh vegetable or egg in their life. The saddest part about this is the disconnection it causes, which has only increased over time.

People used to grow things, keep chickens, harvest, and cook. Grandma’s used to pass down secret recipes and bake cookies with their grandchildren. Home cooked meals brought everyone to the table, and the hard work put into getting it there was acknowledged and appreciated.

We used to know what food was made of, where it came from, how it was treated and how it was grown. We used to know how to blend herbs and spices, butcher meat, and make dairy products.
Educating people about their food is what permaculture can facilitate. The more conscious we are about our food, the healthier choices we can make for our bodies. And if one decides to give gardening a try, then they will surely get their exercise as well! We are all happier when we are healthier.

Keep the knowledge growing!

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