Springtime Gardening!

We’re three months into 2022 now, but for many of us gardeners, the year has just begun, with warm weather and Springtime in the air it’s time to get busy and get planting.

Some of the things we’ve gotten into the ground in just the last week are; Watermelon + other Melon varieties, Carnival Squash, Nanticoke Squash, Cushaw Squash, Mammoth Gray Sunflowers, Artichokes, Alabama Red Okra, Maize, Gem Corn, Taiwan Bean, Dragon Tongue Bean, and some special Velvet Beans that we bought from David the Good’s booth a few weeks ago in Blountstown FL. during the Keeper of the Old Ways expo. We also cut down some of our decorative bushes in our front yard the other day and have planted some Papaya, and Roselle in it’s place.

The world has become a crazy place and one of the ways to stay sane through it all is gardening, not just for food security but also for the health benefits of being outside in the Sun and nature. The sound of birds are healing, getting your hands dirty and eating straight from the garden boosts your immune system, there are so many reasons to garden, even if you don’t have the space, you can always find some way to grow your own food. It really is our way of taking care of ourselves and the planet.

Be kind, live free, eat healthy.

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